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1.    Contestants must be ages 18 years or older.  

2.    All Contestants must wear their hair FREE from chemical straightening products to be considered.  

3.    Contestants shall sign a liability waiver.  See Attached.

4.    Contestants must agree to abide by pageant rules and the possibility of disqualification for infractions


1.    The contestant must read all rules and regulations.  If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.  Contestants will sign a testament to understanding the rules.

2.    There is a $75.00 non-refundable entry fee.

3.    Contestants must include a COLOR PHOTO (5/7 head and shoulder shot).  Contestants must also include a TYPE-WRITTEN BIO with their application forms.

4.    Contestants must sign a waiver agreement and release of liability form, and complete the application form before the deadline, which is January 17, 2020.

5.    Each contestant is required sell 50 pageant tickets for the March 21, 2020 pageant.     All sales in general or VIP admission tickets are final. Once tickets are sold, contact Victor Simmons at to arrange for funds pick-up. If additional tickets are needed, contact Brandie Patterson at 205-283-2382.

6.    All unsold general admission tickets and all proceeds from ticket sales must be turned in to the Organizers of the Pageant, by Wednesday, March 11, 2020.  Contestants are responsible for lost tickets and tickets will be sent as soon as application and entry fee is received.

7.    Contestants must conduct themselves in a professional manner and portray high moral standards at all times.


8.    Rudeness toward judges, other contestants, pageant coordinators, etc. will not be tolerated.

9.    Contestants will provide their own tasteful wardrobe.  Further information on attire will be given prior to the pageant. Contestants are also responsible for their own hair and makeup. One (1) assistant will be permitted backstage to assist each contestant.

10.    Each finalist will be required to participate in two (2) rehearsals leading up to the pageant – For a NO Show; you shall be penalized with a five (5) point automatic deduction from your score.  No exceptions!

11.    The Winner must make herself accessible to the Organizers for Photos and the Organizers can use the Photos for future press releases, marketing, etc. All photos become the property of the Pageant Organizers. 

12.    Each contestant is required to attend three (3) promotional events or appearances, time & dates to be determined.

13.    The Queen and her court must make themselves available to honor sponsor requests related to National Hair & Health Expo.

14.    All decisions of the Judges are final.  Contestants will be judged based on the following guidelines:  

a)    Viewer’s Choice Award – Judged by Social Media and Top Ticket Sales 10 points.
b)    Introduction/speech/interview, 30 points,   
c)    Overall appearance (gown, presentation, poise, and grooming), 20 points. 
d)    Most impeccable Natural Hair style, 30 points.  
e)    Final question (Top 5 finalists), 10 points. 


100 Points Possible. 

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